Holocaust Denial

At the entrance of Auschwitz
The will not to believe. It is simple human nature. When the mind cannot grasp or face up to a horrible fact it turns away, as though refusing credence will conjure away the reality.
― Herman Wouk, War and Remembrance


I had been watching  videos on the rise of nationalism and racism in Europe. While my interest took off with Poland, I was piqued to understand that Jews are the most hated race in Poland today. The number of attacks on Jews outnumber those on other ethnic and religious minorities.

From a logical and rational evaluation of the content, I realized that the hatred directed towards Jews had been stemming largely from ignorance and fear. They were hated for refusing to convert to Christianity in the Roman Empire and for the next 1500 years suffered a series of injustices and hatred that resulted in unnatural resentment, isolation, fear and Antisemitism.

Most of us are aware and accept the fact that millions of Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany during World War 2. This stemmed from propaganda driven by irrationality and scapegoating. The economic and social woes of Germany post the World War were blamed on the Jews, because they were deemed successful. This was driven by the fact that most of the Jews during the 1920s and 1930s were better off than their German counterparts. This was because most of the Jews were traders, shopkeepers and businessmen.

In times of starvation, insecurity, unemployment and uncertainty, it is easy to blame someone else for one’s problems. The Jews were blamed.

[On a personal opinion here, the Treaty of Versailles is one reason for Germany’s economic and social problems after WW1]

The Holocaust followed.

Auschwitz, Treblinka and Chelmno are some of the camps that come to my mind where Jews were concentrated and/or exterminated.

What is absolutely insulting to the memory of the Holocaust victims is that there are people in the world who deny Holocaust. These are not people who are uneducated and lacking in life’s necessities, but intellectuals wasting their gifts towards evil deeds.

Deborah Lipstadt fought a battle against the racist and anti-Semite David Irving in court and won. The judge found Irving guilty of deliberately trying to distort the truth and convince people that the Holocaust did not happen. He could not prove that the Holocaust was a hoax.

The big problem faced by the world today is that most of the problems festering in modern Europe are seeds that were never properly eradicated from the past. These seeds were fertilized by lies, distortions, untruths, complacency of leaders and agendas that are as much political as social.

History, when it is factual, documented and proven, cannot be open to debate. Right to free speech and freedom of expression does not cover events such as the Holocaust.

People try to stir chaos decades after the terrors of the past just to deny what’s happened? To deny that the Holocaust ever happened and to deny that Hiroshima and Nagasaki was wiped out within seconds? To deny that the Rwandan Genocide did not occur and to deny that the East India Company and Imperial Britain was not responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in British India? To deny that the Holocaust did not occur?

A denier reading this post would ask, ‘Why the heck are you getting riled up about it?’

There is the popular myth that History is written by the victors. However, most of History is when looked at objectively is told as it is. For the sake of literature and academia, people try to review versions of history and try to change ir or revise it, questioning events and their legitimacy.

As The Guardian had reported, Holocaust Denial today is changing its landscape with the growing number of deniers being teenagers and young adults. The internet is hugely responsible for spread of lies and propaganda and to most people who are unable to detect propaganda and fake news, it is easy to be misled. When knowledge of events is not passed down from one generation to another, and unsuspecting and vulnerable people refer to the internet for knowledge, they fall prey to gross ideas such a Holocaust denial.

I am absolutely riled over this because as an educated person with a global outlook and humanity-first approach, any form of denial of anything that affects humanity and this planet must be countered.

I cannot do much except read more, visit WW2 and Holocaust memorials, speak to people who believe in the truth, challenge and fight those who deny the truth and try to educate others as much as I can, not because I am worried that the deniers will win, but because I do not want to be a bystander when injustice is carried out and the truth is distorted.

If you think that the memory of the Holocaust must be preserved and everyone should know about it, share this article with others. Encourage them to watch videos, read up on the Holocaust and the Holocaust denial and most importantly visit Germany and Poland where one can visit the concentration camps.

Do not let anyone tell you that the Holocaust did not happen.