A Challenge to Holocaust Deniers

You know you are a denier if you are motivated by neo-Nazi and White Supremacy ideals stemming from racist feelings, thoughts, attitudes and objectives towards the Jews and are thus denying the Holocaust ever occurred.

While you are entitled to your opinion, you are encouraged to question them since you are in the absolute minority, and because certain opinions that have little base and support evil should be challenged and negated.

10 questions to you if you deny the Holocaust:

  1. Why would the Allies fabricate the story of the Holocaust as an anti-German propaganda?
  2. What makes you believe that the Jews themselves have fabricated the story of the Holocaust?
  3. When the Germans themselves admit to it, and admitted it in the Nuremberg trials immediately after Germany’s surrender, why do you believe it to be an Allied propaganda aimed at Germany?
  4. How, in the state of war when every participating allied nation’s resources, human or otherwise, would the Allies be able to fabricate the story of the Holocaust, of which the world knew nothing until the Jews were freed from the camps after the Allies invaded Poland and Germany?
  5. Why is it that two  races most concerned with the Holocaust, the Germans and the Jews, the perpetrators and the victims, continue to vehemently tell the story of the Holocaust while most of the Holocaust deniers are Arab States with a known anti Israel stance, and white Europeans and Americans?
  6. If the Jews are indeed behind the entire story of the Holocaust denial, why was there the Zionist movement to create the separate state of Israel when with their power of fabrication and supposed ‘control’ of the allied powers have integrated themselves into the Allied nations and Poland and Germany where, before the Holocaust, they numbered in tens of millions?
  7. Why is it more difficult for you to accept the Holocaust and remember it as a sign of human evil rather than deny it? Does it come from skepticism of written word or does it come from reasons you have not acknowledged, like disbelief of the capacity of humans to do grave evil and/or anti-Semitic feelings?
  8. If your skepticism is genuine, have you considered the human bias towards controversy that could indeed lead your mind to latch onto theories that are controversial from accepted History?
  9. Many Holocaust deniers call themselves Revisionists. Why do you think these deniers believe that they have the moral responsibility or otherwise to ‘revise’ Historical facts?
  10. The Holocaust is a reminder and a symbol of human capacity for evil. It goes beyond religion and race, and while the Jews were the victims, it is the human tragedy and not the tragedy of the Jews that makes the Holocaust a exceptionally dark event in human history. Dark events are remembered so that people and future generations do not forget the horrors and sufferings that can be inflicted on each other when motivated by hatred, denial inherent human bias. Hence, would the world have more to lose be accepting the Holocaust, or denying it?