My Two Cents

With varied interests and skills, I am currently exploring the best way I can make the most out of this life.

I believe we all must try to make use of the time we have by developing ourselves and others around us.

We have to try and initiate positive change in us, the people around us and this planet.

And I feel we can do this by pursuing the things we are passionate about.

People aren’t passionate about becoming millionaires.

They are more passionate about what can be done with those millions.

So you have to also decide what you want to be passionate about.

I am passionate about self development, learning, running, classical music, animal rights, working with organizations that are trying to create a difference and surrounding myself with like minded, high potential and brilliant people.

I love reading, writing and having constructive conversations about things I am passionate about.

I love to travel when I have the opportunity to. Germany is currently my favorite country.

I learn, develop and encourage myself further towards my goals everyday.


I like beer. I love wine.