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Running is part of the most primitive human movement complex. We used to run away from predators and towards food and it is believed in some circles that those who could run longer and faster sailed the wave of evolution. The product of this evolution, was you, the modern human.

It is not our circumstances that decide who we are, but our choices. – J.K. Rowling

Running took a backseat as humans became more civilized. It became possible to cultivate crops and raise livestock for food without as much traversing a mile. The side effect of the more sedentary lifestyles propagated by these advancements gave birth to the many ailments that plague human society today.

Moreover, as Rory Vaden states in Take The Stairs:

Our biology was not designed for success. It was designed for survival.

Sitting in front of our devices for hours at an end has resulted in an epidemic of biomechanical problems, decreased physical agility and rampant obesity.

There are many brands catering to designing footwear according to the varied preferences of all types of runners. There are thousands of resources online and just as many promoters and advocates that encourage you to lace up and go out there, such that today everyone can dream of becoming a good runner.

If there was an age for the whole of humanity to rediscover their primal running roots, this is it.